2017 & 2018 brought big personal changes, as we left Europe in late summer 2017 and relocated to Toronto, CA.

I decided to use this opportunity to also shift my professional priorities back to the Arts from Production and Marketing.

My new focus is Animation, with a special emphasis on Character Animation and I am excited about the things to come.


Coming back to art and animation feels like rekindling an old flame, in the best of ways. I put it on the backburner for a few years, doing mainly Production & Marketing client work, times I don't regret at all.


The last years I worked in production with clients, either taking over operations or working as a consultant - games, conferences, studio consultations.

I got to work with amazing studios and clients and I am really proud of the work we did together. If you want to know more about the amazing clients I worked with, feel free to check out the project section.

I came to Games after working in Eventmanagement and Advertising and never regretted changing my field of work, as challenging as it was at times. I was lucky enough to get to know several game developer communities in different cities and countries around the world and got to meet so many wonderful people.

If you are coming from another creative field, same as I did, I would encourage you to take the leap. It is hard at times. It is (still sadly) an energy draining sausage fest at times, but there are so many people working to improve culture, industry and workplaces and there are already so many wonderful places to work at and amazing communities to be a part of.

I am not sure if my next projects will be games projects again, or if Animation will take me to other places, but I will always cherish the experiences I made and feel as a part of the games industry, no matter where my way leads me.

Verena Riedl

Chief Skittles