My approach to production is rather solution than problem oriented. For me there are two key points to a great producer: keeping the bigger picture in mind, while still caring about the details and knowing and CARING about your greatest resource: your team.


Marketing & PR are for me integral and need to be approached together. Even if some textbooks might disagree, for me one without the other one is just a one sided approach.


Events, like games, are much more than meets the eye first. A lot of little pieces that finally make a great experience. And again - caring about the details while keeping the bigger picture in mind is key.

A game developer
with a background in Production & Marketing

Production & Marketing needs to go hand-in-hand with a deep understanding for the product – for me this is about games and related events.

This is the reason even after claiming I “never wanting to do advertising again” when I left my job in advertising years ago after entering the games industry as an Indie Dev myself - I started my own business offering Production & Marketing services for games.

Verena Riedl

Skittles and Olives


CCO (Chief Cuddle Officer)