Books – BOOKS! Highlights of 2017

Some of the books that I enjoyed in 2017 and can really recommend!

I already shared some of my 2017 highlights here if you need more recommendations.
I tried to focus on female writer, also having learned about #ownvoices, I tried to look out for those books, as well as books in different settings.
Mostly you will find books from the SF or Fantasy genre on my list.

How to read the list:

* Books are ordered Single Books / Series and within alphabetical after author’s last name.

* Either it is a general/ genre trend or my personal preference, but there tend to be a lot of series in my list, sometimes I read the whole series at once, sometimes just one book, I try to keep the confusion to a minimum and add some information in ( ), also providing the link to the Goodreads page of the series.
I tried to indicate the number of books already available in a series and if the series ended or is still ongoing, to make the decision to commit a bit easier. If it’s not 100% indicated by the author if a series ended or not (or I haven’t read the last book yet), also the year the last book was published is in the parentheses.
There is also a note, for which series the author also wrote some short stories in the same universe.

And now with any further ado – let’s get to it.

Standalone Books

The Handmaid’s Tale
Margaret Atwood

How To be A Woman
Caitlin Moran

Dear Ijeawele, or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Station Eleven
Emily St. John Mandel


House of Shattered Wings (2, last published 2017, short stories)
(Dominion of the Fallen)
Aliette de Bodard

The Last Dragonslayer (3, last published 2014, ongoing)
(The Chronicles of Kazam)
Jasper Fforde

River of Teeth (2, last (both actually!) published 2017)
(River of Teeth)
Sarah Gailey

After Atlas (2 (After Atlas is #2), ongoing, #3 expected in 2018)
Emma Newman

Split Worlds: All Good Things (5 (All Good Things is #5 = final book!), ended)
(The Split Worlds)
Emma Newman

Infomocracy (2, last published 2017, ongoing)
(Centenal Cycle)
Malka Older

Shades of Magic (3, ended)
(Shades of Magic)
V.E. Schwab