Books – BOOKS! 2016/ 2017 edition

Some of the books that I enjoyed in 2016, early 2017 and can really recommend!

Books are ordered Single Books / Series and within alphabetical after author’s last name.

Either it is a general trend or something in the genres I prefer, it might also just be my personal preference, but there are a lot of series in this list, which is noted in ( ) or obvious from the name anyways.
I tried to indicate the number of books already available in a series and if the series ended or is still ongoing, to make the decision to commit a bit easier. If it’s not 100% indicated by the author if a series ended or not, I put the year the last book was published in the parentheses.
There is also a note, for which series the author also wrote some short stories in the same universe.

And now with any further ado – the goods!

Standalone Books
The Girl With All The Gifts
M. R. Carey

Naomi Novik

The Invisible Library (3, ongoing)
Genevieve Cogman

The Paper Magician (3, ended)
Charlie N. Holmberg

The Afterlife Series (6, ended)
Mur Lafferty

The Shambling Guides (2, last book 2014)
Mur Lafferty

Indexing (2, last book 2015)
Seanan McGuire

The Split Worlds (4, ongoing, related Podcast)
Emma Newman

Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc. (7, ended, Short stories)
Angela Roquet

The Chronicles of St Mary’s (7, ongoing, Short stories)
Jodi Taylor

The Merchant Princes (3, ended)
Charles Stross

The Southern Reach (3, ended)
Jeff VanderMeer

Sin du Jour (4, ongoing, Short story)
Matt Wallace