Sure Footing

Role: Producer, Marketing & PR Currently in Early Access, launching soon, Sure Footing is an endless-runner where you are trying to escape the bad Ramrafstar to rescue your world of […]

Grattle: Marketing concept (serious game)

Grattle: Marketing concept (serious game) Role: Marketing (concept & operation), support for the developer team Grattle is a mobile game specifically aimed at school children to get across the importance […]

Serious Game: “Lenk dich nicht ab!”

Serious Game: “Lenk dich nicht ab!” Role: Project manager & game design “Lenk dich nicht ab” is a browser game aimed to raise awareness to not use your phone while […]

Easy Money

Role: Art, Game Design, Project Management Easy Money was a mobile game developed by Robot Overlord Games. Developed in Unity for Android & iphone, it was a procedurally generated maze […]